What is cloud storage?

by admin in October 15, 2012
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There have been countless mentions of “cloud storage” in the press and on the internet over the past few years. Many people in the industry have praised the idea and stated how this revolutionary technology is the future of computing. However some people don’t understand the concept of cloud storage and an even greater amount of people don’t understand how it actually works. As CloudLive is a cloud storage provider, we thought it would make sense for us to explain what the cloud is, how it works, and why it can benefit you.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a way of storing data securely in a remote location which can then be accessed through the internet. This means that a file on your computer can be placed on our servers and then can be accessed via the internet from a range of different devices including computers, laptops, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The CloudLive cloud also includes military grade encryption to make sure your files are only accessed by you.

Why is it called the cloud?

The origins of the word “cloud” in relation to computers is obscure, it appears that the use of stylised clouds in early network diagrams made some users call networks clouds. As the internet is a large network, some early adopters in the 90’s called the internet “the cloud”. This phrase was then given to today’s online storage solutions.

How does cloud storage work?

Cloud storage companies actually store your data in secure servers in large data centres. These are the same type of devices which store your Facebook information and your favourite websites. Unlike some other cloud storage companies, CloudLive has its own data centres based in the UK. Storing data in our own centres gives us the ability to provide lots of storage space at highly competitive prices.

What are the advantages of the cloud?

Cloud storage offers users several key advantages over storing files on one computer, these include;

1. Safety – Your files are stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from another computer if your PC or Mac has a malfunction or is stolen. All data is encrypted on your device before it is uploaded into the cloud and only you will have access to your data using your secure password.

2. Access and edit your files anywhere – With cloud storage you can access your important documents from nearly any device which has an internet connection. CloudLive has several built in apps which allow you to edit text files, spread sheets and images online. This gives you the option to edit docs without having an office suite installed on your device.

3. Stream media – CloudLive allows you to play films and music online with the click of a button. There is no need to download the file first – simply click play and sit back and enjoy. We also offer this option for iPhone, iPad and Android users, allowing you to view your favourite entertainment on the go.

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